Thursday, October 20, 2011


Earlier this week, Dan unfortunately used this blog as his personal political mouthpiece. Listen, Dan, nerds come from many different political backgrounds and we can’t afford to insult or split up our already meager fanbase. It’s the same reason we don’t talk about sports. People care way too much about these things and like yelling about them, even if it doesn’t change the fact that your team sucks (Hello Philadelphia!) or that your political party is full of idiots (Hello all of them!) That’s not to say that I don’t support the Occupy Wall Street movement. Any group of people that wants promote social revolution is fine by me. I just wish they were more openly hostile about it. Go Robespierre on these motherfuckers! I say that, not as a socialist mind you, but as a huge fan of the guillotine.

Anyway, I think it’s important that we bring the discussion back to what we do best here. Rehashing already popular internet memes! Of course, I assume everyone here is familiar with Occupy Sesame Street. Pretty funny in concept, and that picture of Cookie Monster wearing a monocle is priceless. But perhaps not everyone is familiar with the much cooler, and also much more terrifying OCTOPI WALL STREET.

This meme is easily the best one floating around the internet at the moment. First of all, as any fan of HP Lovecraft can tell you, tentacled beasts are always more terrifying. Tentacled beasts that want to destroy the American capitalistic way of life are all the more so. Here are some facts you may not know about cephalopods:

1) Native Hawaiians believed that octopi are actually the lone survivor from a different alien universe.
2) They squirt motherfucking ink. Then I put it on my motherfucking pasta and I motherfucking eat it.
3) Korean folks eat em raw.
4) Japanese women’s like to have sex with them.


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